We have been commended by our partners – customers and suppliers – for our strong customer service and flexibility in providing our trusted products during a volatile year for consumer behaviour.

This was demonstrated during the Australian bushfires as our logistics teams had to find alternative solutions when usual delivery routes were blocked. During COVID‑19, we flexed to increase or decrease production to meet customer demands and the decrease in tourism‑related spending and other affected channels.

Our long‑term customer relationships enable us to build robust planning in our operations to support consistent consumer demand and embed reliability in our production teams.

Collaborating with our Partners – customers and suppliers – to work in new ways

Throughout the COVID‑19 pandemic, we drew on our agility to respond to changing consumer demands due to the various lockdown conditions across Australia and New Zealand. Wholesale, foodservice and quick service restaurant channels were most impacted during this time due to in‑dining closures, which resulted in lower demand for some of our products.

With customer relationships that span up to 58 years, we are committed to continually collaborate with our partners to deliver more value through our supply chain, sustainability and product development.

Long-term customer relationships

Australia - CUSTOMERS
Major retailer 158 years
Major QSR customer 151 yearsSince market entry
Major retailer 247 years
Major QSR customer 240 years
Major retailer 333 yearsSince market entry
Major retailer 418 yearsSince market entry
New Zealand - CUSTOMERS
Major retailer 129 yearsSince Ingham’s entered New Zealand
Major retailer 229 yearsSince Ingham’s entered New Zealand
Major QSR customer 229 yearsSince Ingham’s entered New Zealand