nourish our world

Our Purpose is to Nourish Our World.

Our Purpose underpins our strategy and our commitment to making a positive difference by:

  • providing our people with a high‑performing, supportive and safe work environment and culture
  • nourishing our consumers and customers with high quality trusted products
  • collaborating with our partners – customers and suppliers – to work in new ways
  • caring for our animals’ welfare and creating a better tomorrow for our planet by reducing, reusing and recycling, and
  • growing the business and rewarding our stakeholders by reinvesting for growth and generating profits.

Our people are guided by our Principles – to be open, honest and collaborative in the way we work.

Through our Strategic Pillars, we are focused on optimising the core, transforming for tomorrow and creating the new to achieve our Objective to deliver more consistent, predictable and reliable returns to our stakeholders.

With a team that is united by a common Purpose and Principles, we are committed to achieve our Ambition to be the most trusted food producer in our market.